Let’s talk bags

Ok, I made lots of bags in the last year.  Many of which I never shared with you.  So here are some that I really like.

  These two wristlets were made from Echino fabrics.  The blue scooter one on the left is  Ni-co blue scooters, it’s an older print, and hard to find these days, but I love it.  The smaller one on the left is also made from Echino fabrics, you’ve probably seen this print before in some of my other bags.  It’s called Bird to hang in Raspberry.  I tried to find more of this back in December and had no luck.  I did find it in a laminated cotton, which is cool if you need that and don’t mind paying $26 a yard for it.  I love, love, love Echino fabrics.

This bag was made for a dear friend of mine who is currently living in Macedonia.  She needed a big bag to carry books around town, and this bag was large enough to suit that need.  It’s made from Amy Butler fabric, part of her Love collection, it’s called Memento in burgundy.  It has an adjustable strap, I can’t remember if the actual pattern called for an adjustable strap or if I just added it to make sure that it worked for her.  It has a zipper and I added pockets on the inside so that she could keep things organized.

  This one is made using Alexander Henry fabric, Mocca in chocolate.  The pattern is Chic Hobo bag and you can find it here from I Think Sew.  (I like using these patterns, because you can download them and use them immediately.  I hate having to wait for something that I’ve bought online! I’m so impatient when I want to start a project. )  This bag is a great sized bag, it hangs really nicely.  Lots of room, so you can carry as little or as much as you want!  (I tend to carry lots of stuff.)

I liked this little clutch, it was sweet and simple.  It would be cute to carry around town or out for a date night.  I actually filled it with a couple of diapers and a wipes container and gave it to a friend to use as a travel diaper pouch.  The fabric is from Hobby Lobby, the pattern from I think Sew.  It’s the Gloria Clutches pattern, you can find it on the website as well.  It uses a magnetic snap. I was out of those so I just used velcro, it just made sense since it was being used to carry diapers.

  This is the only one of these bags that I still have.  I’ve never used it. I had intended to, just decided that I wanted something else.  It may find it’s way into the Etsy shop at some point.  (Along with many other things that I have never listed…)  The fabric is Anna Maria Horners’ Fortune, from the Good folks collection in sea.  I love this fabric, it’s so pretty.  I added some fun embroidery stitches to one of the flowers.  If I would have thought about it, I would have added embroidery to the entire side of it, but that idea didn’t occur to me until I already had it sewn together, and it was just too difficult to fit an embroidery hoop in most places.  The pattern is the Jasmine bag from here.

So…see, I may not post here frequently, but I am not just sitting around at home being totally useless!!  As if that’s possible when you have kids, right!?


6 thoughts on “Let’s talk bags

  1. oh wow I love every single one of these! Also I don’t know how any of you moms out there manage to do any blogging while having kids…. so much more than a full time job! Also am I just missing the link to your etsy shop? I don’t see one on here!

  2. Your bag creations are beautiful! I am a beginning sewer and look forward to taking on new projects this coming Spring/summer. Keep up the good work.

  3. kara kara kara…..you know how much i love bags, and all of your creations….how much do you want for the bag you have left (one with embroidery stitches)? id love to buy it!!! also the large one you made in burgundy, would you be interested in making another one just like it? i think i have a bag addiction 🙂

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