As my older kids are back in school, I feel fall creeping up on me.  I love fall, it’s by far my favorite season.  It always seems to be here before I know it!  Suddenly it’s October and “Wait, I was going to make  a wreath for the front door.”  Or I totally wanted to make those muffins/cookies/breads/rolls etc.  Well, as I begin to/try my best to get an early start at thinking of decorations and costumes, I’ll share a fun wreath project that my friend Erin and I created for a fundraiser.2014-02-21 18.37.11It’s so much fun to craft with a friend!  I love having a project to work on.  I also love craft paint…

2014-03-19 01.18.57iSimple and sweet.  This wreath could be used in so many places!  Front door, girls room, playroom, etc.

2014-03-19 01.19.15iThe sparkly blue bird is my favorite part.  I may or may not have painted lots of things with this glitter paint that I found in a rainbow of colors at Michaels.

2014-03-19 01.19.30i    Would anyone like to see a tutorial for this??


Sweet Sewing

My kids often ask “Mom can we make a craft?”

“Can we do ___?”

Sometimes the answer is “Yes, of course we can make something!”

Other times, it’s “No we can’t today, I’m sorry!”

When my oldest daughter asks “Mom, I want to sew something, can we?”  The answer is always “YES!”  I’ve always enjoyed sewing and I am so excited to share it with my kids.  Spending time with my grandmother as a kid, she taught me to sew.  I learned to make clothes for my barbies, while she would make clothes for me.  I was in awe.   I received my first sewing machine for Christmas when I was in the sixth grade.  Intimidated by it at first, once I learned how to use it there was nothing that I would not try to make.

2014-03-23 02.08.55i

Sadie learned hand sewing last summer.  One of her favorite things that she made was a very cute little stuffed pink cat.  So it seemed like time to learn sew on a machine.  I’m looking forward to buying a sewing machine for her, a real one!  Not just one of those little toy ones.  We decided on a peasant dress.  They’re so easy and straightforward, seemed like a good starting point for her.  It’s not a project that I begin with when I give lessons to others, but I know her abilities and felt confident that she could do it.2014-03-23 02.09.31-2i

I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see her sewing, to see her confidence rising.  She was so proud to try on the dress that she made.  I was so proud to see her in it.  Isn’t she cute??


There are so many wonderful resources out there for making peasant dresses.  So many different style and takes on it.  I love them, they are so versatile.  Dress them up, dress them down.  Love them with leggings and boots!  Here are a few to try out.  Have fun, enjoy your creation!

Sweet Little Peasant Dress

Girls Peasant Dress

Com-pleat-ly Perfect Peasant Dress