Catching up

So here we are the very last day of May.  Wow.  Hard to believe for so many reasons. 

  1.     Tomorrow is my 9th wedding anniversary!!  How is that possible??
  2. My oldest is finished with kindergarten…no way.  He cannot possibly be a first grader.
  3. We are heading out on vacation soon, very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I haven’t posted anything since April.
  5. Baby #3 is due early this fall.  (Which partially explains my absence over the past few months.  pregnancy for me =SICK!!!)



I made some fun teacher gifts, and forgot to take pictures of them.  I did start taking pictures of the cookies that accompanied the gifts, just not the completed gifts!  They were really yummy sugar cookies though.


I made a new bag for a friend, hoping to make a new one for myself this week…we’ll see how that goes!  I can’t seem to make up my mind on what exactly I want my bag to look like.  I do fine when I’m making the decision for someone else.  I guess I just tend to over think my own purse, which means I never make one!


When we went to Germany last fall, my dear friend had this cool little thing for her daughter which my kids loved.  (It also kept them occupied in situations where they had to wait patiently, like waiting for food to arrive, etc.)  It was an “eye spy” bag, for lack of knowing what else to really call it.  So the constant crafter in me knew that I had to make some for the long vacation drive that is coming up.  I made them different so that if they want to switch they can, but I’m pretty sure that my son will want no part of the purple girly bag!



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