So both of my kids have March birthdays.  I love making their birthday cakes.

We’ve had a variety of themes and flavors over the past few years.

We’ve had buttercreams and fondants, cakes and cupcakes.

My sons birthday party is coming up and he wants a Wall-e cake.  Last year we had wall-e cupcakes for his school party.

My daughter has declared that her third birthday party is going to be a jewelry party. 

I think the Hello Kitty cake was my favorite.

So today I made a test batch of cookies and cream cupcakes…I combined a few recipes, I can’t seem to stick to just one.  I plan on making a rainbow cake as well, because the boy really likes the colors.   I like to bake the cakes in advance and freeze them until it’s time to decorate.  It’s a huge relief to have one less thing to worry about as the party approaches.

So…we’ll see how this years cakes turn out!

Enjoy a look at a few cakes from the past few years.