The Birthday Princess

I’m sure at some point most little girls dream of being a princess.  I know that I did, crossed my fingers, wished on every star and dreamed of the day that I would live in a castle wearing beautiful dresses.  I did find my prince, and though we don’t live in a fairytale setting, I’d say it’s the next best thing!  My older daughter would much rather live with dragons, but my longest is a princess through and through.  She is absolutely positive that she is a real princess.  There is not a day that goes by that she is not wearing a princess dress, shoes or a crown.


So when it came time to celebrate her 3rd birthday, we had to have a princess party of course!  There were sparkly cupcakes, tiaras, jewelry and a princess dress up area.


We brought the mirror and dress rack from her room and tucked into a corner of the dining room.  I bought a cheap ($10) garment rack from Wal-mart a few months ago and left out the top bars so that it would be just the right height to hang her princess dresses which had previously been shoved into a bin in her room.  This not only looked better, but displayed her dresses so that she could choose whichever she wanted to wear and accessorize them with her shoes underneath!  Win-win!!


I had so many ideas for this party, but I may have procrastinated a lot little and didn’t do quite as overboard as I would have liked. We made a quick trip to Disney World a few days before her birthday.  What’s better than to meet other “real” princesses?  It was so fun, but exhausting!  Trying to recuperate and plan a party not so simple for me!   I kept seeing these cute cupcakes on pinterest with the princesses sticking out of the cupcakes so that the cupcakes looked like part of their dresses.  I couldn’t find an actual place to download or print off the images.  So, I had to make my own with googled images.  I cut them out and taped them to a toothpick.  I used the same sparkly  cupcake technique because princesses need sparkles.  Right??

The house was full of little princesses.  SO cute!  I think that her party was certainly a dream come true.


One happy birthday girl!


Sweet Sewing

My kids often ask “Mom can we make a craft?”

“Can we do ___?”

Sometimes the answer is “Yes, of course we can make something!”

Other times, it’s “No we can’t today, I’m sorry!”

When my oldest daughter asks “Mom, I want to sew something, can we?”  The answer is always “YES!”  I’ve always enjoyed sewing and I am so excited to share it with my kids.  Spending time with my grandmother as a kid, she taught me to sew.  I learned to make clothes for my barbies, while she would make clothes for me.  I was in awe.   I received my first sewing machine for Christmas when I was in the sixth grade.  Intimidated by it at first, once I learned how to use it there was nothing that I would not try to make.

2014-03-23 02.08.55i

Sadie learned hand sewing last summer.  One of her favorite things that she made was a very cute little stuffed pink cat.  So it seemed like time to learn sew on a machine.  I’m looking forward to buying a sewing machine for her, a real one!  Not just one of those little toy ones.  We decided on a peasant dress.  They’re so easy and straightforward, seemed like a good starting point for her.  It’s not a project that I begin with when I give lessons to others, but I know her abilities and felt confident that she could do it.2014-03-23 02.09.31-2i

I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see her sewing, to see her confidence rising.  She was so proud to try on the dress that she made.  I was so proud to see her in it.  Isn’t she cute??


There are so many wonderful resources out there for making peasant dresses.  So many different style and takes on it.  I love them, they are so versatile.  Dress them up, dress them down.  Love them with leggings and boots!  Here are a few to try out.  Have fun, enjoy your creation!

Sweet Little Peasant Dress

Girls Peasant Dress

Com-pleat-ly Perfect Peasant Dress

Scripture cards

I’ve been working on some scripture cards for my kiddos.  A simple (and pretty) way for them to have weekly verses to memorize.  I plan on printing them out and rotating them on a weekly basis.  Here is the first one!!



Hello August.

This summer has been a blur.  We’ve done so much and so little.  My son starts first grade next week (!), how crazy.  Soon we will be back into the school year routine with soccer, ballet and even a new baby thrown into the mix.  I’m savoring these last few days of having both of my kids at home.  I love this time.  I love the exhaustion that comes with it, the smiles and laughter.  Even the fighting and whining about cleaning rooms, because they are home.  I can hug them and see their smiling faces any time.

In the next month or so there will be lots of changes happening in our house.  My beloved sewing and craft room is currently being packed up and relocated to the basement.  The room is going to be the baby’s room.  I’ll let you see once it’s finished.  I’m excited about the changes, having a hard time deciding on the wall color.  I’m using fabrics from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom collection for the crib skirt, curtains, and other accessories around the room.  I love the Rose Bouquet print (top left in the collage.) that will be the main fabric that I use.  It’s so pretty.  I will keep you posted on the fabrics and the tutorials that I find or create to use in this room.

Enjoy your weekend.

Catching up

So here we are the very last day of May.  Wow.  Hard to believe for so many reasons. 

  1.     Tomorrow is my 9th wedding anniversary!!  How is that possible??
  2. My oldest is finished with kindergarten…no way.  He cannot possibly be a first grader.
  3. We are heading out on vacation soon, very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I haven’t posted anything since April.
  5. Baby #3 is due early this fall.  (Which partially explains my absence over the past few months.  pregnancy for me =SICK!!!)



I made some fun teacher gifts, and forgot to take pictures of them.  I did start taking pictures of the cookies that accompanied the gifts, just not the completed gifts!  They were really yummy sugar cookies though.


I made a new bag for a friend, hoping to make a new one for myself this week…we’ll see how that goes!  I can’t seem to make up my mind on what exactly I want my bag to look like.  I do fine when I’m making the decision for someone else.  I guess I just tend to over think my own purse, which means I never make one!


When we went to Germany last fall, my dear friend had this cool little thing for her daughter which my kids loved.  (It also kept them occupied in situations where they had to wait patiently, like waiting for food to arrive, etc.)  It was an “eye spy” bag, for lack of knowing what else to really call it.  So the constant crafter in me knew that I had to make some for the long vacation drive that is coming up.  I made them different so that if they want to switch they can, but I’m pretty sure that my son will want no part of the purple girly bag!