The Birthday Princess

I’m sure at some point most little girls dream of being a princess.  I know that I did, crossed my fingers, wished on every star and dreamed of the day that I would live in a castle wearing beautiful dresses.  I did find my prince, and though we don’t live in a fairytale setting, I’d say it’s the next best thing!  My older daughter would much rather live with dragons, but my longest is a princess through and through.  She is absolutely positive that she is a real princess.  There is not a day that goes by that she is not wearing a princess dress, shoes or a crown.


So when it came time to celebrate her 3rd birthday, we had to have a princess party of course!  There were sparkly cupcakes, tiaras, jewelry and a princess dress up area.


We brought the mirror and dress rack from her room and tucked into a corner of the dining room.  I bought a cheap ($10) garment rack from Wal-mart a few months ago and left out the top bars so that it would be just the right height to hang her princess dresses which had previously been shoved into a bin in her room.  This not only looked better, but displayed her dresses so that she could choose whichever she wanted to wear and accessorize them with her shoes underneath!  Win-win!!


I had so many ideas for this party, but I may have procrastinated a lot little and didn’t do quite as overboard as I would have liked. We made a quick trip to Disney World a few days before her birthday.  What’s better than to meet other “real” princesses?  It was so fun, but exhausting!  Trying to recuperate and plan a party not so simple for me!   I kept seeing these cute cupcakes on pinterest with the princesses sticking out of the cupcakes so that the cupcakes looked like part of their dresses.  I couldn’t find an actual place to download or print off the images.  So, I had to make my own with googled images.  I cut them out and taped them to a toothpick.  I used the same sparkly  cupcake technique because princesses need sparkles.  Right??

The house was full of little princesses.  SO cute!  I think that her party was certainly a dream come true.


One happy birthday girl!



As my older kids are back in school, I feel fall creeping up on me.  I love fall, it’s by far my favorite season.  It always seems to be here before I know it!  Suddenly it’s October and “Wait, I was going to make  a wreath for the front door.”  Or I totally wanted to make those muffins/cookies/breads/rolls etc.  Well, as I begin to/try my best to get an early start at thinking of decorations and costumes, I’ll share a fun wreath project that my friend Erin and I created for a fundraiser.2014-02-21 18.37.11It’s so much fun to craft with a friend!  I love having a project to work on.  I also love craft paint…

2014-03-19 01.18.57iSimple and sweet.  This wreath could be used in so many places!  Front door, girls room, playroom, etc.

2014-03-19 01.19.15iThe sparkly blue bird is my favorite part.  I may or may not have painted lots of things with this glitter paint that I found in a rainbow of colors at Michaels.

2014-03-19 01.19.30i    Would anyone like to see a tutorial for this??