As my older kids are back in school, I feel fall creeping up on me.  I love fall, it’s by far my favorite season.  It always seems to be here before I know it!  Suddenly it’s October and “Wait, I was going to make  a wreath for the front door.”  Or I totally wanted to make those muffins/cookies/breads/rolls etc.  Well, as I begin to/try my best to get an early start at thinking of decorations and costumes, I’ll share a fun wreath project that my friend Erin and I created for a fundraiser.2014-02-21 18.37.11It’s so much fun to craft with a friend!  I love having a project to work on.  I also love craft paint…

2014-03-19 01.18.57iSimple and sweet.  This wreath could be used in so many places!  Front door, girls room, playroom, etc.

2014-03-19 01.19.15iThe sparkly blue bird is my favorite part.  I may or may not have painted lots of things with this glitter paint that I found in a rainbow of colors at Michaels.

2014-03-19 01.19.30i    Would anyone like to see a tutorial for this??


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