Sparkly Cupcakes Tutorial Part 1

ImageI’ve had a lot of interest in these cupcakes lately thanks to pinterest.  I know that many moons ago I told you that I would post a tutorial on how to make them and um…after way too long…here it is.  I am embarrassed to say that these photos have been on my computer for three years now.  I’m going to break this into two parts.  The sugar and the frosting.


So today we’re going to make the sparkle!  Ok so it’s just sugar, but it’s pretty.


Here’s what you need:

Sugar ( The large coarse type, here’s what I used.)


ImageFood Coloring


Ok, So add a little blob of coloring to the sugar.  Add more or less,depending on how light/dark you want the sugar.

ImageLet stirring beginImageKeep stirring.ImageIt may seem dry, but don’t add anything to it, just keep stirring.

ImageAnd there you have it!  Beautiful sparkly sugar in any color you want!!


Next time I’ll show you how to get the frosting to look just right!!



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