My top five…

I am linking up with my friend Jackie, who asked me to participate in a top five for 2011 on her blog JackiesRandomThoughts.

So I typically share things about crafting and sewing.  As I began to think about what I could do a top five list on, I quickly lost all ideas that seemed remotely interesting.  No one really wants to hear a list like “Top things I thought would never happen that happened in 2011…1. I turned thirty, 2. I had a third child, 3. We bought a minivan”  and so on, you get it not so exciting.   I thought about books? No, my selections are not so interesting.  Music?  Too hard to narrow down.  Cooking?  Hmm…cookies??  Yes!  How about favorite cookies or cookies that I really want to make??  That’s it!  So, my top five list is…

Top five Christmas cookies that I want to make before Christmas 2011…

They’re in no particular order yet, because I haven’t tried them.  I will be sharing the recipe and a picture with you over the next week or two as I make them.  I will let you know my favorite once I’ve tried (and probably eaten way too many of) each one.


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