Hello August.

This summer has been a blur.  We’ve done so much and so little.  My son starts first grade next week (!), how crazy.  Soon we will be back into the school year routine with soccer, ballet and even a new baby thrown into the mix.  I’m savoring these last few days of having both of my kids at home.  I love this time.  I love the exhaustion that comes with it, the smiles and laughter.  Even the fighting and whining about cleaning rooms, because they are home.  I can hug them and see their smiling faces any time.

In the next month or so there will be lots of changes happening in our house.  My beloved sewing and craft room is currently being packed up and relocated to the basement.  The room is going to be the baby’s room.  I’ll let you see once it’s finished.  I’m excited about the changes, having a hard time deciding on the wall color.  I’m using fabrics from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom collection for the crib skirt, curtains, and other accessories around the room.  I love the Rose Bouquet print (top left in the collage.) that will be the main fabric that I use.  It’s so pretty.  I will keep you posted on the fabrics and the tutorials that I find or create to use in this room.

Enjoy your weekend.


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