The $1 Skirt

Okay, so we (Mama #2 and I) were walking through Wal-mart yesterday when we saw 5 racks that were marked down to $1.  Not our typical place to shop for clothing, but when you see it’s only a dollar you have to stop and look, right?!  So it was mostly what you would imagine finding in the WM clothing markdown section…lots of comical things, but there was this denim skirt…that was kind of, sort of, maybe almost cute.  You know the kind, right?  You would only buy it if the price were awesome and you would definitely have to do something to it to make it wearable, but it has potential kind of thing.  Well this is what we found for that price, a (short) denim skirt.  Add a fun and colorful little ruffle to the bottom and here you have a new inexpensive skirt.  Throw on ap pair of colorful tights,like the ones that my husband says makes my legs look like an Avatar character (Love him!!)  and it’s a perfect fall skirt!


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