Robot bag

I make lots of different things for many different people, but I tend to make mainly girl things.  My son has requests from time to time and when he asks for something, I try really hard to meet his expectations!

This is his new church bag.  He asked for a blue bag with robots.  So, I immediately decided that it needed to be a messenger bag with a robot applique on the front flap.  I looked through lots of different tutorials for a kids messenger bag and finally decided to base it off of this one.  I Googled kids messenger bag tutorials and found lost of great tutorials, but decided I like the look of this one in particular.

The main exterior fabric was a curtain from one of my college apartments.  The fabrics that I used for the applique, interior and pockets are from Robert Kaufman’s Robomatic line that I bought when my son was a couple of months old.  I loved it, thought I would make a quilt out of it and 5 years later it’s a bag!  Nice.

I changed the pockets, adding a big one on the back and several on the front, perfect for his pencils.  I love that this bag had lots of pockets, and tons of room on the inside to put his books.  The adjustable strap is awesome.  He can use this bag as long as he deems it cool.

I think that I may make one of these for myself.  Well, minus the robot, although I really like the robot.  I also Googled robot applique, but I can’t remember where I found it, I didn’t save it, because I couldn’t get it to down load, so this is kind of a free handed version of it!

So, if you are in need of a messenger bag, use this tutorial, it’s well written and easy to follow.  You won’t be disappointed.  I will have the skirt pattern from this post up most likely mid week, I’m having some issues with my camera…


8 thoughts on “Robot bag

  1. Cool bag! Love all the pockets and prints..

    I also have a whole stash of fabrics I bought when my two were little meaning to make quilts, which are also gradually getting used for other projects!

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