Her little lady dress

One of my dear friends came over a couple of days ago to make the little lady dress.

She picked out some fabric from my stash and created the perfect dress for her little lady.  Miss N is such a sweet and bubbly little girl.  This fabric is perfect for her personality.

I love everything about this version of the dress.  It was created using three panels of fabric.  One for the top elastic casing, one for the body and one contrast panel along the bottom.  Instead of traditional straps, it was made into a halter style dress.  I think that I need to make one of these sweet halter styles for my little lady!  The modifications were so easy to do.  If you follow the original instructions for the dress, you simply make two additional panels, sew them on in the beginning steps before you sew the dress sides together and then make longer straps that are only attached in the front.  There you have it!  Of course if this isn’t detailed enough maybe I should post a more informative step by step post!  Let me know if there’s any interest in that.

I would love to feature some your creations using our tutorials on here.  If you’ve made something from here please send an email or upload a picture to our flickr group.  Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!!


10 thoughts on “Her little lady dress

  1. I made 4th of July dresses for my girls using your pattern! And i’m not at all a great seamstress! The dresses turned out awesome, the process was exciting and relaxing for me, and the girls got so many great compliments! I paired the dresses with matching headbands and they turned out so cute! I will post to your flickr!

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