Marlo Bloom Handbag

This is the Marlo Bloom handbag, it’s from Heather Bailey’s line of patterns.  I used fabrics from Park Slope by Erin McMorris.

My first thought when I saw this bag was “That is a really cute bag!  Looks pretty easy and straightforward.”  After many a broken threads and needles.  I must conclude that I did not love constructing this bag.  In fact, I had a tough time sewing through all of those really thick layers.  I don’t know if it was simply errors on my part or if anyone else has had any difficulty with this particular pattern.

What I do like about this pattern is that it’s reversible.  The flower is actually a pin/brooch so you could wear it or pin it to another bag. 

It was an order for a friend in NC.  I also made another one of these for her. I think that you know my love of this particular pattern.  Again, I was not disappointed.  It is a pattern that I will revisit often I think!


5 thoughts on “Marlo Bloom Handbag

    • I’m not sure that I have the pattern any longer. I’m sure that if you search for Heather Bailey’s Marlo Bloom handbag, you would have no trouble finding it.

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