Felt Cupcakes

I love the look of Sprinkles cupcakes.  I wish that there was a location remotely close to me, but no such luck.  So…I will have to settle on making my own…Felt of course.  Perfect for the kid in me and the ones in my home!

Want to make a some really fun cupcakes just in time for Valentines Day?? Well, here’s how you do it…

Your Materials:

  • your choice of felt colors for: the bottom & sides, the top and the decorations (I cut out hearts in different sizes and colors)
  • cupcake/muffin liners
  • thread to match
  • stuffing (fiberfill)
  • scissors, marker, paper, scrap cardboard, sewing needle

Ok, let’s get started.

Take your cupcake liner and cut a notch down to base.

It should be about an inch or so at the top and taper down to the bottom.  (You can really control however much you want to cut out, this is just so that the cupcake will be a bit more narrow around the top when it’s finished.)

Now cut the base and sides apart.

Now you have your pattern pieces.

Pin those onto your felt and cut one of each.  Grab your needle and thread.

Using a whip stitch, place the base and the side together and sew all the way around.

You’ll continue to sew and turn the thing until you get all the way back to the beginning.

You should have a little fabric overlap when you get back to where you started.  Just sew it down as well.

Now your going to sew the side just like you did with the bottom.

Now your base is finished.

Take your bottom pattern piece and trace it onto a piece of cardboard.

Cut inside the circle, you want it to be smaller so that it will fit in the bottom of the base.

Now turn your base over and trace around the top part.  This is going to make your top pattern.  (You can stuff the base a little before turning it over to trace it.  It helps keep it from collapsing while you trace it.)

I put the small circle inside to make sure that I had a (somewhat) even circle. Cut it out.

Now cut it out of the felt.

Place your felt hearts (or whatever you’re using) in the center.  You can pin it in place or just hold it with your fingers as you sew.

Sew through all pieces.  This will secure all three layers with only one stitch!

Using your whip stitch again, sew the top to the base.

As you get near the end, insert stuffing.  You can make it as fluffy as you want, but don’t over stuff, you don’t want your seams bulging.

Make sure you secure a good knot at the end and you are finished!

Good Luck!  We’d love to see what you’ve made…Please share your cupcakes in our Flickr group.


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