Pippi and the Wild Thyme doll carrier

So what do you make for a three year old who loves blue, horses and flowers?  My first thought was to make a horse, so I order this Melly and Me pattern, and picked out this cute fabric. A great plan and well in advance, which is unusual for me!  Well, the more I thought about it, the more that I didn’t feel like this was what I wanted to do.  So I scrapped the idea.

Well, I looked through all of my patterns and books before I settled on this cute little doll carrier pattern that I found in my One Yard Wonders book.  It was exactly what I wanted, the perfect way to carry your ponies around!  It was incredibly easy to make, it took very little time in fact.  This is definitely some thing that would make a great last minute gift.  I decided to use two coordinating fabrics instead of just one, and with the extra fabric I even made a little blanket to go with it!  I think she’s going to enjoy carrying things around in it!!

*I bought my book from Barnes and Noble.  The Barnes and Noble book had an extra bonus section that included this pattern.  So unfortunately unless you purchased your copy from B&N, it won’t be in there.


9 thoughts on “Pippi and the Wild Thyme doll carrier

  1. Oh no! A friend bought me the book and no pattern 😦 That stinks. I really wanted to make this carrier. I wish I would have seen your comment before she got it for me.

  2. I am so happy I found this post! I just started making the baby doll carrier last night, and I’m wondering if my measurements were off because when I went to sew the first side panel to the first oval, there wasn’t enough side panel to make it around…Did you have any problems with it?

    • YES!! I did have the same problem. I ended up just making the center section smaller, even then, it was still a little off. I will definitely make the sides longer next time. That aside, it was really easy to make and the result was really cute! I’m happy that I made it, and will make it again.

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