Rosette Headband Tutorial

So lately I’ve seen these really cute rosette headbands popping up all over the place from Anthropologie to Old Navy.  I like the look of this one, but I don’t love the color or the $32 price tag.  So, why not make one that I love?  Want to know how?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a piece of fabric at least 2-3 inches x 44 inches (To make your frayed strip…lay the fabric with the selvage edge facing you.  Measure over at least an inch and make a small notch with your scissors, rip the fabric all the way to the end.  now you have a nice frayed edge!)
  • A plastic or elastic head band, your choice.  ( I happened to have an elastic one on hand.)
  • a couple of pipe cleaners (thanks to a suggestion from a friend!)
  • felt in your choice of colors and shapes  (I used flowers in colors that coordinated with my fabric.)
  • needle, thread, scissors

This is how you make it:

Once you have your fabric strip ready, place it at the end of the pipe cleaner, making sure to cover the end, and begin to wrap.

Continue to wrap the fabric at an angle.

As your wrapping the fabric, also start wrapping the pipe cleaner into a circular spiral type shape.

Once you reach the desired size, cut the pipe cleaner (if there’s any length left) and them trim the fabric just a little longer.  Cover the end again with the little extra length that you left.

Next, with your needle threaded, begin sewing on the backside of the rosette.  (You can choose which side you like better for the front and back.)

Run the stitch from one edge to the other and repeat a couple of times.  The stitch shouldn’t be visible from the front.  Tie the end off, this will keep your rosette from coming apart.

Next place the head band in between the rosette and the felt.

Sew the rosette to the felt, making sure to sew through the elastic band if using one.  Tie off the end once completed.

It should look like this.  Now, repeat, if using more than one flower.

I happened to use one big  and two small rosettes.

Now, go and admire your work.


We would love to see what you’ve made using our tutorial.  Join our Flickr group!!!


18 thoughts on “Rosette Headband Tutorial

  1. Just came over from One Pretty Thing. This is fantastic. I just made some of these using a different tutorial on the internet and yours looks so much easier. Can’t wait to make some for myself. An a great way to use the pipe cleaners that are no longer “new” because the kids have bent them all out of shape. Thanks for posting this!

    • Sorry to hear that! I found that using a heavy duty needle really helps when you’re sewing through lots of layers. I think that’s probably what I have laying around the house. You’re headbands are SO cute!! I love them with the dresses. You did a fantastic job. So glad that you shared them!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! I just so happened to catch my kiddo playing with a plain ‘ole headband last night, and remembered reading this! She wore it all night long! Finally something to do with all my scrap material! I posted a blog about it, and linked it to here!

    Thanks for all the tutorials again!

  3. Great tutorial!! I’m going to try it straight away. I am a bit addicted to headbands…. I like them more than my kids…but I’ve got short hair.
    Love your blog! Thank you!

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